Informal Retailers
Market Place.

Bringing the market to informal retailers in one click,Digitising the informal retail space,Making essential goods available and accessible in underprivileged communities,Powering the next generation of informal retailers across Africa.

Powering the next generation of informal retailers across Africa.

Goods Delivered Within 4hr.

Shopa enables informal retailers to order products with high rate of sales at anytime via SMS/whatsapp or web app, and have it delivered to their shops within 4hr.

Impact on Communities.

We make essential goods consistently available to consumers in underpriviledged communities.

About Shopa

Shopa is a B2B E-commerce platform that bridges the gap between informal retailers and manufacturers in Africa.

Why Shopa

  • 24/7 Support Services.

  • Assigned sales represensative.

  • Competitive Pricing.

  • Fast & Easy.

  • Free Delivery.

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